Amazing idea but target user not clear to me, even target participants

Hi, I stumbled upon your service surfing crypto articles.

Rewarding people ZCN to share HD space is an amazing idea.

But who is it for?
The anonymity part is both the strongest and weakest point in this project. I wish I could use a service like this as a corporate user to backup my projects (I’m a graphic designer). But, how can you discourage people of using this for illegal purposes like storing downloaded movies, child porn, warez, etc… I do not want to be a customer if I know something like that might be stored on my NAS (even if it is encrypted and fragmented). That does not feel right and doesn’t give me confidence in the longevity of this service.

I think, for the majority of people to adopt this, you need to make this a service like dropbox, google drive, … but something completely secure and decentralized. Less focus on the anonymity.
Or as a service to store your passwords - decentralized and uber secure. But then there is no need for 2GB storage space :wink:

How I wished this project was:
Ease of use. Anyone with a good internet connection would be able to participate. By installing a small app on the NAS or computer, you are set to go! Just give in how much bandwidth and diskspace it is allowed to use and give an estimate on how much ZCN they could earn doing so. More space and more speed brings higher yield %. And staking ZCN is also a great idea if you want to participate. Maybe accept payments in ZCN when a user uses more space than he provides. This way costs are reduced for a poweruser like I would be.

I can see so much potential in this project, but I really think you should first be clear on your target audience and target participants first.

This is just my 5cents :wink: I hope this projects lifts off in an amazing way and finds it way to the masses.
And I hope you find my feedback valuable.


Unfortunately, other distributed projects have tried to use spare storage on personal computers but those projects are plagued by ‘node churn’, because the nodes aren’t reliable enough. 0Chain are providing Enterprise-Grade storage and require committed, reliable hosts. That said, the storage options are highly configurable and system requirements are relatively light so anyone with 1TB+ spare storage who feel they can offer reliable service is welcome to become a blobber, but they are required to stake tokens as collateral.

Because a) clients who own the files have to pay for reads and b) there still needs to be a layer to serve the files, I can’t see it will be viable platform for mass distribution of illegal content. Of course with the enhanced privacy and security features there is no way to restrict the files that are shared privately.

You are right! Personal computers are not a reliable resource. They are switched off at night, restarted frequently, have other things to do than serving data for others. No, that will never work. But NAS systems are widely adopted, and always available.
This said, I hope you prove me wrong here :wink: I will keep my eye on this project. All the best!