Blobber Only Rig Guidelines

Blobber Only Rig Guidelines

Since it is intended that Blobbing capacity can utilize the spare capacity on existing Server Infrastructure, there is no specific configuration for blobbing only, but please use the following as a rough guide:-

  • Quad core CPU or better
  • 100Mbit/s connection or faster
  • 32GB* Ram+ (For increased Blobber capacity e.g. above 30TB, further RAM may be required).

** Update - Previous articles have suggested that blobbers can be run in as little as 4GB Ram. While this remains true, this would only handle a very small storage capacity with very few simultaneous queries. For production blobbers with dozens of TB stored and therefore potentially (peak demand) hundreds of concurrent connections, 32GB+ is recommended because each connection has its own memory requirement.*

Of course, the recommended MSB Rig is more than adequate for Blobbing in excess of what is actually required.

It is expected that anyone considering large scale Blobbing will already understand what the important factors are based on these specs, but if you wish to discuss for Example JBOD expansion options, please contact us here or on Telegram

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