Domain names (URLs) and Service Provision

This topic is not meant to be a full introduction into domains and URLs. We suggest that you do further research of your own to fully understand this topic.

One small but important consideration for Service Providers is the need for a unique url for each different SP node they are offering. These not only facilitate portability in the future, they also are much more memorable and allow the addition of SSL certificates for secured connections (https://)

Multiple nodes can be addressed at the same URL and then separated by port number, but for https, the default method our platform uses is that the path after the url is mapped to the Service.

A URL can be a domain name that you own, or a subdomain of it. We recommend subdomains, because these give scope for expansion.

beta is a subdomain, whereas is the primary domain. As you can see, many different subdomains can be used from the single primary domain. - miner #1
is mapped to:-
so that the url is secure and available through a standard port

Each entity on (miners, sharders and blobbers) are all pointing to the same server or cluster, whereas might point to another server or cluster somewhere else completely,

When setting up your server, it is crucial to have the A record for the domain/subdomain pointing to the IP address of your server. Each domain reseller has their own interface.

Be sure to enable auto-renew on your domain name(s) so you don’t forget. You should get reminder emails in advance anyway from any decent provider.

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