Initial Blobber Requirements

It has recently been decided to request that each founding SP (Miners and Miner/Sharders) also commit to providing a Blobber provision to ‘seed’ the network.

With approx. 100 Miners, if each Blobber will provide at least 10TB Blobbing capacity, that should be sufficient for the initial anticipated demand required by the 0Box App (1PB).

Once there had been shown to be sufficient demand, we expect DCs or existing Miner setups to quickly onboard with additional capacity, in particular, because Blobbing allows delegation on launch of mainnet.

So that initial demand can be calculated and satisfied consistently, the following settings should be configured (maximum values).
Min_allocation_lock 10%
Write price /GB 0.01 Read price /GB 0.02

This should be on performant media such as 7200rpm HDD connected to motherboard (e.g. not USB).

We expect these to be held for at least one year, by which time a diverse pool of Blobbers should have onboarded and natural market effect takes hold.

For fully utilized Space, this equates to $12/TB/mo, based on a 10% read (egress) average per month excluding fees and interest.
You should allow several months for significant capacity to be utilized, and an average of 50% utilization is probably a fair estimation, since only utilized capacity is stored.

For each 10TB with average 50% utilization and 10% egress that’s potential of approx $720/yr + fees + interest!
(For second and subsequent years, an estimate of 75% utilization would be $1080 + fees + interest!)

Above this 10TB capacity, you are welcome to use different settings to those above, although they are still recommended.

Please note that this will be a key requirement of the KYC process. If you have a particular situation that prevents this 10TB provision, please advise on kyc application.

A question, since the technology did not dominate much, to provide a blobber service implies that we have to block the tokens equivalent to the space offered or a greater amount?


Blobber Stake requirement is proportional to storage offered, price of writes and duration.

Take a $0.01/GB write price with 6 month max duration, 1TB would be $60 worth of zcn required.

Which is the max blobber will earn during that period for writes (fully utilized), but they also earn from reads, fees and of course interest. Plus delegation is allowed straight away.