Is ZCN Ready for buy and hold? Wallet questions

Hey Everyone,

I am a huge fan of Polkadot and substrate based chains. I have been learning a lot about zero chain, but cannot tell if this chain is ready for buying / holding.

Is the whole system running as a testnet that will get wiped out?

Is ZFace required to set up a wallet? And is this a real wallet or is this just running as a testnet that will potentially get erased? Or will this work fine in an ERC20 compatible wallet like Metamask?

I found zcn tradable on a few exchanges, and was planning to buy there, and transfer to a separate wallet for holding.

Thanks for any advice. This is an extremely cool project.

Hey boon4376,

the current betanet ( will get wiped.
The ERC20 tokens you can buy atm will of course not. Just hold them in a ERC20 compatible wallet.

You will have the possibility to swap to native token (or keep erc20) via bridge.

Hi, staking/delegation will be active when mainnet is launched (date not fixed yet) with native tokens. There will be a bridge from current ERC-20 to native.

Current 0wallet release hasn’t been updated yet, expect an updated preview version prior to mainnet

The testnet will be wiped out, yes.

So until mainnet, only options other than hold are pools such as Bancor or Sifchain, you’d best keep an eye on 0chain Telegram or announcement groups to keep up-to-date on which of these are available.

Thanks, this is great info. Will follow along on Telegram.

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