Potential Service Providers - UPDATE

Further to this previous article, announcements have been made regarding the Initial Miner/Sharder set for Mainnet Launch:-

  • Mainnet Launch (aka Fuji) is planned for March 2021.

  • The View Change Protocol (that shuffles Miners and Sharders) will not be active on Mainnet Launch.
    This means that the Initial (Genesis) set will be static until it gets activated. Est. time before view change 3-12months.

  • A KYC process (to be announced shortly) will be required for each potential SP on this Initial set. Potential SPs should have plans in place (quotations for hardware, DC, provision plan) if not already set up. (The purpose of this is to
    re-assure team that you are able to provide SP for long-term, not just short-term).

  • A minimum stake of 50k (each) ZCN per Miner and or Sharder will be required (So 100k ZCN for M+S). This does not guarantee a place, as places are limited and other factors such as geographical diversity etc. will be considered. Sharder places are much more limited, so if you want to be an MS, also have secondary option for Miner only/alternative location.

  • Initial MS/M/S are now required to provide min. 10TB Blobbing capacity to help seed the network. This utilizes existing server so only additional cost should be HDDs/cables. (Also consider aware of Power and Bandwidth limits/charges). * Update - see this thread *

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What is the full range of factors decided if you’re in the active set and is there any overview on number of miners/sharders and potentially their geographical placement yet? Would be good to know to optimize chances for getting in active set and whether it’s worth the risk of the initial investment.

More details to be released soon. Don’t go committing to rigs at this stage if you are unsure, just get a quote for now.

Factors include:

  • Amount staked
  • Diversity (inc. geo location / provider)
  • Relevant Experience (e.g. betanet participation, secured assistance of expert / provider / betanet participant)
  • Blobbing Capacity (Ideally at least 10TB per SP will provide over 1PB to ‘seed’ the network)
  • Previous Community Involvement
  • (Possibly others I have not thought of. I am not involved in decision process).

Is there a time within which those who have been selected for Mining/Sharding will be expected to be up and running? I am looking to purchase hardware and I’m being quoted a lead time of 7 - 9 working days.

That’s fine, expect an update this coming week, if you have a plan in place (quotes if not got hardware already, location, stake etc.) that is sufficient for kyc. Please don’t make panic decisions.

Thanks. Everything seems in place then.