Question about Blobbers being unique

As I understand it there is no replicated data being stored, every blobber has a unique slice of the full data.

But doesn’t that mean that if a Blobber loses a significant slice that part of the data could be lost forever? If I’m storing very valuable data on the network, where every part matters (say, a list of private keys) then even losing a tiny bit could be catastrophic (and would require a very big stake).

Why the design choice not to replicate data?

Hi Metal, Welcome to the forum.

Reed Solomon Erasure Coding that 0chain uses is able to reconstruct data from a certain number of blobbers regardless if which blobbers they are.

So an EC 10/15 (or 10+5) has 15 blobbers total and only (any) 10 are required to reconstruct data.

So each slice is not unique in the sense noone else has it, it’s uniquely encoded for each blobber from a unique key and forms an equal partial chunk of the data in its coded form.

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