Recommended MSB Rig Specification

For potential MSBs, please be advised of our minimum recommended specification. If you are renting or choosing an existing configuration from a provider, please ensure they meet the following criteria to be considered for Fuji Active Set.

(Miner/Sharder)+Blobber Rig

  • 8core/16thread CPU, (AMD Epyc recommended).
  • 32GB min Ram, 64GB+ recommended for Combined Mining+Sharding+Blobbing potential
  • Nvme recommended for miner but sharder in particular (recommended 1TB+) Pair of drives in Raid 1 (mirror pair) also recommended
  • 10TB HDD for Blobbing (12TB recommended so 10TB useable after formatting etc.)
  • Connection 100 Mb/s min, 1Gb/s Recommended

Initially this will be underutilized but necessary to cope as demands build.

We are finalizing our recommended rig for colocation or self-deployment.

The rig spec will be suitable for all MSB purposes.

We will provide a parts list but will also recommended a supplier who will build, test and ship direct to your chosen DataCenter (probably cheaper than you would buy parts separately).

If you plan to colocate using our recommended rig, choose your DataCenter in readiness. (You will need a 2u slot, the rig is industry standard 2u with A+B power inputs). Then simply select ‘Recommended Rig’ on your KYC application.

The rig will cost approx. $4,000+tax (free shipping in us). This will be detailed in separate document in early February.

Hello Sculptex,

Is it the official specs or it could change for Fuji ?
You gonna update the hardware of token economics ?


These specs are not wrong. Just no longer up-to-date.
Should be updated soon.

You’ll not that the post above mentions AMD Epyc, whereas the PDF mentions Intel.
AMD currently just has better price/performance ratio.

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As Chris says, that is outdated. Updates to all that should be released this coming week.

If anyone has already bought the previous rig spec, no worries, please let us know as we can post some recommendations to bring it more up-to-date.

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