SP Rig Monitoring

An essential part of becoming a Service Provider is the commitment to making sure your rig is always online and available, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

If you are administering your rigs yourself, you may already have your own preferences for this, but even there is someone else administering your rig for you, and they have their own monitoring software, it would still be prudent to have your own monitoring system in place.

I will give some examples using UpTimeRobot which is available as an App as well as via a website, however there are many other options available.

This is a Blobber I am running. Note that the Blobber is active and the wording at the top of the page begins with “Working on the chain”

Select Add New Monitor From the menu

Select the Keyword Option from the menu

Add the URL of my Blobber, using that phrase and set the alert if the keyword does not Exist. This covers the circumstance that the page responds but with something different!

UpTimeRobot will graph the responses and Alert me to any downtime!

Repeat for each unique Miner, Sharder and Blobber that you run! Although if a server hosting multiple node types goes down, they will all alert, there are scenarios where only one of them might become unresponsive.

Of course they offer extra features and more frequent monitoring for premium users but for monitoring of a small number of servers this is sufficient.