Storage Privacy

Hi, I just have a number of questions regarding dstorage and I hope someone could help!

  1. If I have an app where a user could store their personal data, is there a mechanism which ensures that only users of that data can access it? So, some sort of permissions? Is this data automatically encrypted?

  2. Is there a system which allows you to “fund” users. Rather than a user having to use their own tokens, can the developers/company pay for these users when they want to upload/read/write data?

  3. If a user were to delete a file before the end of the agreement with the blobber, what happens to the locked in tokens?


  1. Proxy Re-Encryption is integrated into protocol. It allows sharing of encrypted files with specific users and no others. This should cover your described scenario.
  2. There is an option for reader pays on specific files. But there is no protocol level way for others to upload to your storage at present. Of course a web portal or similar could be devised attached to 0chain on the backend with suitable permission scheme on the front end.
  3. Allocations (writes) are locked for a set period. Reads are apportioned separately. When they expire, unused tokens are reclaimable by user (subject to a minimum fee set by blobber. This stops blobbers being overclaimed and underused with no reward).