Things to consider about becoming a Service Provider

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Becoming a Service Provider (SP) for the 0chain network requires a high level of commitment. Put simply, a high quality network requires high quality Service Providers.

(You will need to be familiar with terms such as Miner, Blobber etc. If not, please read up via before proceedng)

Here are some key points, there will be topics created for each point where further detail is required.

  • SPs need to stake ZCN to act as security. Some of this can be forfeit in the event of failure to provide adequate service.

  • Delegation is possible, but only high quality SPs will attract and retain delegation. (This is a potential investment avenue for those who are not able to commit to being a SP).

  • Miners and Sharders are restricted in number. A squared staking selection is to be implemented so the highest stake (including delegated) are much more likely to be selected.

  • Blobbers are not restricted by any squared staking mechanism but will need to stake proportional to amount of storage offered.

  • Home-based SPs are welcome to join but should certainly have fast, reliable internet (that’s not gonna be saturated if you decide to watch Netflix!)

  • Colocation is an excellent long term option if you are able to source suitable (enterprise) hardware. Be aware that rack space typically gets proportionally cheaper the more units used and also be aware of other charges such as electricity. You retain ownership of the hardware but are also responsible for its maintenance (most DCs have a ‘remote hands’ option at a cost).

  • Dedicated Servers (rental) are another option. These require very little upfront investment (usually just setup fees) and maintenance is usually included. However, you never own the hardware and so will be the more expensive option in the long-term.

  • When considering becoming a Blobber in particular, be aware of monthly limits imposed by your Data Center (DC) or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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will these work in the chassis recommendation found in the documentation for SP on 0chain website?


Hi Johnny,

I would think so, as long as it is SATA interface SATA HDDs are pretty standard compatibility-wise so they should be compatible but be aware of their suitability for DataCenter use. Another factor is the technology used, for example SMR is a technology used in some drives which are much less reliable over time.

It is interesting that since the original specs were devised when 6TB was the most popular size, the most popular size had increased to 8TB then 10TB and now 12TB. This is related to cost per TB ratio but also other factors including reliability and max capacity per server unit.

A great resource to research HDDs is backblaze blog, look to the latest blog but you can also look back for historical interest:-