Where are APK files do download? App Permissions

@sculptex @saswata

  1. You are a open source project, Why are you not providing download files for your mobile apk files on github in addition to the app stores? Please put the releases into github for everyone who wants to use it that way

Can you do that?

  1. I remind you of gdpr and consent and minimal data collection.

I hope you understand not to sell user data, do data mining, or take data which you don’t need.

While the network is decentralised, the app and app data will be in control by your developers.

It is important to restrict permissions for the app to prevent the potential of malicous data usage by the app developers and others with access to app backend


Which app permissions does your 0box app have currently, can you list them all here?


for example permssions like phone, contacts, should not be part of the app. You are not a chat app.

Please publish your intentions

Thankyou for the feedback.

0chain core repositories are Open Source, noone said that about 0Box app which is in fact commercial product.

APK is not public yet, will be on app stores when ready.

Obviously permission for storage will be required, permission for contacts is required for full functionality of sharing but as with all apps, user can set permissions so choose not to grant that permission and do without that functionality.

Please wait for updated app release so you can give feedback rather than guessing theoretical.